• We are a community of imperfect, authentic people who are being transformed day by day into the image of God through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

• We have experienced God’s love, are accepted and forgiven by God just as we are. As a result, we will offer that same experience to others.

• We are a loving, accepting, multi-racial church that desires to make you feel at home the first time you enter our doors. All are welcome here.

• We are a people that know that the kingdom of God has come and is coming. Because of this knowledge, we strive to embody the kingdom values of righteousness, peace, forgiveness and joy.

• We are people who fully embrace the Holy Spirit as God and celebrate His role in teaching, guiding, and transforming us into the image of God. We depend on Him to show us our way, and to equip, transform, and empower us for ministry through a diversity of spiritual gifts.

Church History

River of Life is a long time established church in Hot Springs, AR. Our church began when founding pastor ML Gammill started the Hot Springs Church of God in 1958. What began at a rented building eventually moved to a purchased church building on Butterfield Street in the 1960’s. In 1964, construction began on a new church building on the other side of the street from the current location and in 1967 the church moved in to their new sanctuary. Brother Gammill retired from pastoring in 1997 and was proceeded by Pastor Mark Lyle. Pastor Mark and his family were vital in adding a new, larger sanctuary on Butterfield Street and changing the name of the church from Hot Springs Church of God to River of Live Church which remains our name today. We moved to our current location in 2007, following the vision of the local church and Pastor Benjamin Wiles, who has pastored the church since 2000. In January of 2017, Pastor Wiles resigned as lead pastor and our current pastor, Lance Arguello, has taken the reigns and is leading us to new things as a church.