Jesus Himself taught us how important children are to the Kingdom of God so we are continually working to develop a dynamic children’s ministry. We have something for children of all ages.

Our Kidz Life service begins at 10 AM in our Kidz Life sanctuary and our ministry team leads the children in their very own kid-friendly, high energy, worship time with lot’s of movement. We use puppets, character skits, games and current issue lesson that are designed just for kids so that your child can learn more about God and His Word. Our leaders go out of her way to make your kids feel like they are important. We also award good behavior and participation with tickets that can be spent for treats or collected for bigger prizes at a later time.

Your child’s safety and spiritual growth are our highest priority so we perform thorough background checks on all Kids Life staff and volunteers. You will also have to personally check-in and check-out your child at the Kidz Life check-in station.